We started BAAX for the opportunity to be part of an organization with the vision, integrity and drive to be the best in our chosen field. Our growth to date has been driven by our reputation for performance. You can expect the same level of committment for your data warehousing needs.


The BAAX team has a depth of experience in all of the key disciplines involved in data warehousing.

  • Data Modeling
  • ETL Architecture
  • Data Quality
  • BI and Analytics
  • Customer Matching and Householding
  • System Administration
  • Production Support
  • System Performance
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Software Configuration Management

Our developers are also subject matter experts with business acumen in Banking, Insurance, and Customer Relationship Management.

BAAX Principals:

Mike Hall
(614) 598-3164

Jerry Stoltman
(614) 598-3216

Brian Kirkpatrick
(614) 598-3168

Corey Jeffries
(614) 598-3429

Jeff Purcell
(614) 598-2186

Len Horstman
(614) 218-4563

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