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BAAX teams with Syncsort to explore powerful techniques for high performance data warehousing in your organization.

Powerful Techniques: Taking Data Warehousing Outside the Box

Designed for Success

Our guiding principles as adapted in our layered architectural approach, specifically target the key obstacles that doom many warehouse projects to failure.


Established in 2004, BAAX, LLC specializes in enterprise-level data cleansing, integration and analysis strategies for financial institutions. Our core competencies include...

  • Consultative guidance in optimal data profiling techniques
  • Consultative guidance in data cleansing best practices
  • Hands-on construction of Integrated Data Warehouse and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions
  • Design and creation of business intelligence solutions, including executive dashboards and risk analytics
  • Design and creation of Customer and Household Matching solutions
  • Privacy Strategy

Though primarily a consulting firm, BAAX has also developed a proprietary data profiling and cleansing product that, when used in concert with the industry's leading ETL tools, expedites the construction of stable, meta-data driven data warehouses.

BAAX resources include six principals with over 70 years of combined experience in data warehousing with an emphasis on customer relationship management and credit risk management. The BAAX team also includes a team of developers with extensive experience within the financial services sector.

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